• Easy Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI), compatible with Microsoft Windows XP/7/8/10 32bit and 64bit operating system
  • Automatically identifies memory module byte size, access time, standard or ECC and also type of chips used, allowing user to determine system compatibility
  • User friendly pull-down menu with help tutorial designed especially for the “non-technical users”
  • Extension SPD sample library resource for easy quick reference
  • EZ Programmer kit comes with standard 284pin LDIMM heavy duty socket, optionally there is a converter available for SODIMM

further information

How does it work?

The EZ-SPD Programmer for DDR4 enables you to read SPD codes and automatically identify the size, speed grade and structure of memory modules. It also allows you to correct the SPD content to be compatible with your system. It captures and saves the SPD codes for future reference and allows for the extraction of SPD codes to edit and compare.

What is SPD?

The latest Memory Modules come with a small EEPROM called the Serial Presence Detect (SPD) which the computer uses to identify the characteristics of the memory modules. Computer manufacturers identify modules through SPD signatures written on the DIMM Module. Some computers cannot work with memory modules having mis-match SPD.

further pictures

EZ-SPD Programmer for DDR4 connected to laptop (not included):


HMI screenshot:


Example module attributes: