• Measures in grams or newton
  • Documentation of measurement results on PC with individually configurable data fields
  • Ethernet Interface for PC communication and online operation
  • Easy design allows calibration by user within only a few minutes
  • Handles tape width from 8 mm to 200 mm and pocket depth up to 40 mm
  • Available with software for PC operation or with touchscreen terminal
  • Optional touchscreen terminal also operates as three color signal tower signalizing machine state or test result
  • Automatic positioning for home and calibration
  • Standardized, continuous peel speed (microprocessor controlled)
  • Sampling rate: 20ms

further information

Regular peel force testing is crucial to control the production process and ensure quality. Peel force testing ensures and documents that taped devices are securely sealed in their pockets, yet will release at the designated peel force.
AMTEC.PRO’s peel tester incorporates leading technology and performance features for easy setup and operation, minimum maintenance and accurate calibration. Calibration can be done by the operator. The peel tester can accommodate tape widths from 8mm to 200mm and operates at peel speeds of 120mm to 300mm per minute.
The peel tester can be ordered with an optional touchscreen terminal. The touchscreen terminal also operates as three color signal display signalizing machine state or measurement status: green color signals normal operation respectively test passed okay, yellow color signals machine setup, red color signals machine error or test passed not okay.
Using your own computer, AMTEC.PRO provides the software package required to operate the tester. Connecting the peel tester to the PC works via ethernet connection.
Both software and touchscreen terminal allow to save testing parameters for repeating tests at later points in time.

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Peel tester connected to PC (not included):


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