System General: device programmer and automated programming systems

SG-logoSystem General Ltd. (SG) was founded in 1983 as a consulting company specializing in device programming and power management. In 1985, the company expanded its operations to include the design and manufacturing of device programmers. Aiming to become the leader in its field of expertise, SG is committed to delivering products and services of the highest quality. It has earned an excellent reputation from customers all over the world.

System General significantly expanded its business scope in 1999, after merging with the IC design company ESIC. Armed with a strong R&D team, SG successfully entered the business by delivering its first series of Power Management products. System General’s innovative energy-saving power conversion designs were well received by the market.

With the corporate vision of “Innovation for a Better Tomorrow”, SG’s business goal has always been to provide original products that improve people’s lives. SG operates through two strategic business units: Semiconductors and Programming Instruments. Both units have the backing of dedicated and highly skilled R&D, manufacturing, sales, logistics and technical support teams.

SG is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. It has branch offices in the USA, China, and Hsinchu Taiwan. System General also works with sales agencies throughout the world.

Advantages of System General automated programming systems and manual programmers:

  • Support all current devices (EPROM, EEPROM, Flash, microcontroller, PLD, FBGA, etc.), NAND-Gate Flash programming, 1,2V VCC green devices, and more
  • Universal usage thanks to exchangeable docket boards for various devices and package types
  • Most current programming algorithms are provided free of charge approximately every 4 weeks via download, thus no recurring cost for software maintenance
  • Sockets are not proprietary due to design using receptacles, which reduces operation cost
  • Free of charge device requests

ProT Ar-Ge: analog signature analysis and PC oscilloscope FADOS


ProT Ar-Ge develops and manufactures electronic test systems, such as those test systems based on the analog signature analysis like FADOS7F1 and FADOS9F1. FADOS systems offer 7 respectively 9 functions in one system.

Beides the globally distributed FADOS systems, ProT Ar-Ge also offers custom solutions designed according to individual customer requirements in the areas of product quality control, energy efficiency, and so forth.

AMTEC.PRO: taping machines (tape & reel)


Since 2003 AMTEC.PRO stands for its reliability and high quality in the production of manual and automatic Taping Machines. In addition to the taping systems, AMTEC.PRO also offers taping as a service. The lessons learned here have a decisive influence on the development of new and ongoing improvement of existing products. AMTEC.PRO also manufactures peel force testers.

Before founding AMTEC.PRO, the management gathered extensive experience in using tape & reel machines and related materials. This experience, constant education, openness to innovation, and past experience provide AMTEC.PRO’s high quality products. 

Switches, connectors, individual contacts, shielding and much more from the mechanical area are packed in tape with the manual or fully automatic systems from AMTEC.PRO.

Transformers, coils, fuses, and all types of passive components, which are needed for automated processing on the production line can be supplied, with the prior function-, orientation- and / or label control on the AMTEC.PRO machines and packaged in tape.

All products in the semiconductor area (including packages such as TSOP, QFP, MicroBGA etc.) can be packed in tape by the systems for process steps such as measuring, testing and / or marking. The systems can handle both PSA and heat seal cover tapes.

The ISO 9001:2008 certification of AMTEC.PRO gives customers the assurance of consistent high quality of the equipment.

SMH Technologies: In-system programmer "FlashRunner"


SMH Technologies is a global, independent high-tech company, leader in Silicon Device In-System Programming and related services for the electronic boards manufacturing industry.

FlashRunner series, the company’s professional Silicon Device In-System Programming platform, is the result of the decennial experience in micro-code encoding for 8-, 16- and 32-bit processors. FlashRunner helps customers to enhance quality, save time and optimize manufacturing cycles. SMH Technologies continuously improve their offer by releasing new programming algorithms weekly. Thanks to FlashRunner’s flexible and modular design, the same algorithms can be used on all of the models.

Reel Service: Component / Parts Counter

Logo Reel Service

Reel Service Ltd. is a semiconductor, electro-mechanical and mechanical component finishing service and materials provider providing complete component solutions for device manufacturers, distributors, contract assembly providers and end users. They have been providing quality component packaging & finishing solutions for 30 years.
The portfolio comprises comprehensive services, various material supplies as well as equipment regarding component packaging & finishing.
The facility operates in accordance with ISO9001:2008 requirements.

CST: "The Memory Tester Company"


CST Inc. USA was formed in 1983 by two engineers from a Fortune 100 electronics company. It was formed on the premise that the new computer age will require new test equipment to test them. CST therefore, concentrated foremost on engineering. The result was the Triple Crown 700 multi-function taster. In response to the demand of the market, CST introduced the DRAM Master 700 tester in March 1985. In November the same year, CST was called on by Compaq Computer to build the first SIMM tester. Since then CST was known as “The Memory Tester Company “.

Through the years, CST continues to develop and improve its testers. CST products now include the Eureka Advanced Memory Tester, the SP3000 portable standalone tester and the RoboFlex Automatic Module DIMM/SoDIMM Handler.

Today, CST products are used by more than 70% of the computer manufacturers, 3rd party SIMM manufacturer, SIMM distributors as well as service depots. Customers include IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Micron, Infineon, Apple, HP, Motorola, Dell, Hynix, Dell, Samsung, Apacer, Kingston, Kingmax, Simple Technology , Smart Modular……just to name a few.

CST service includes Application support, Design engineering, Tester interface design, Custom testing service, Memory evaluation, Memory Module manufacturing/testing consultancy, Module PCB design, Module prototyping/evaluation, Computer memory bus analysis, and Memory module compatibility test.
CST sales network is worldwide including distributors throughout Europe, Asia, Canada and South America. CST is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, USA with branch offices in Irvine, California and in Shanghai, China.