The Tape & Reel Rework Station allows inspection, rework and re-sealing of already sealed carrier tapes.


  • For tape widths 8 – 56 mm
  • Precise tape width adjustment via front knob
  • Carrier tape movement via handwheels
  • Sealing temperature can be set individually
  • Heater can be positioned continuously
  • Easy setup and operation via touch display
  • Pocket counter for exact identification of carrier tape position

further information

Having sealed your carrier tape, you realize that a part is damaged, missing, or placed wrong inside the pocket? AMTEC.PRO now offers a solution: the new Tape & Reel Rework Station. The Rework Station can handle carrier tape widths 8-56mm and works very easy: the carrier tape is inserted into the Rework Station, at the position where the issue was identified the cover tape is slightly removed, and having fixed the issue the cover tape is re-sealed onto the carrier tape again.

Also in cases where the cover tape is not properly sealed with the carrier tape, a rework using the Tape & Reel Rework Station provides the solution.

The operation of the Rework Station is simple and straightforward. The carrier tape movement is done by handwheels, the easy and precise tape width adjustment by a rotary knob. The heater can seamlessly be positioned to either re-seal one side of the carrier tape, or also both sides one after the other. The temperature of the heater can be set individually. For setup and usage there is a touch display.

further pictures

View from top:

View from front:


View from side:

Touch Display: