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Another new IC programming system in our portfolio: SG3000

With the new IC programming system SG3000, System General adds another member to its portfolio of automated offboard IC programming solutions.


New product: in-tape inspection systems

The in-tape inspection systems from System General are the latest addition to our portfolio.


New contact data

Our relocation is completed! You can find our new contact data here: contact.


New automated IC programming system

The new automated IC device programming system SG5000 expands our portfolio.



The new FADOS MUX module allows to test up to 96 channels; several MUX modules can be combined to allow even testing of multiples of 96 channels.


New programmer family

System General presents a new programmer family: SG8000.


System General is official “ST Authorized Partner”

System General is now an official “ST Authorized Partner” of STMicroelectronics N.V.: System General – STMicroelectronics. System General programmers support STM32/STM8 MCU series or Power Management devices programming, as well as security provisioning solutions.


AMTEC Remote Support

The remote support for AMTEC Tape & Reel systems has constantly proved itself and will be continued to be applied.


Improved algorithms for SPI NOR memories

SMH has significantly improved the FlashRunner algorithms for SPI NOR memories. Also devices with Octo-SPI and Quad-SPI interface are supported.


System General offers solution for UFS (Universal Flash Storage, Jedec) programming

With the new Iverta socket boards, System General now offers a new solution for UFS programming. Iverta socket boards can be used on a T/H9800 universal programmer, or stand-alone. Even a solution on USB stick is available for development projects or small quantities.


New: Tape & Reel Rework Station

The Tape & Reel Rework Station allows inspection, rework and re-sealing of already sealed carrier tapes.


New: taping module now for 8-200mm tape width

The taping module is now also available for 8-200mm tape width.


New generation socket boards: T4

With the new T4 socket boards, System General provides a new generation of socket boards, which can increase the throughput up to 5x.


New: the “small” FlashRunner 2.0 with up to 4 true parallel channels

The in-system programming solution FlashRunner 2.0 is now also available as version with 1 channel, which can be upgraded to up to 4 true parallel and independent channels.


Parts counter IC63

A new video shows the easy handling and setup of the IC63 parts counter.


FADOS9F1 advanced

The FADOS9F1 V/I tester is now capable to check also pf capacitors and uh inductors.


Table Top Handler

At productronica AMTEC.PRO presents the new, compact automated tape & reel system Table Top Handler.


New in our portfolio: parts counter IC63

The parts counter / component counter IC63 from Reel Service Ltd. is new in our portfolio.


New DDR4 tester from CST

The Eureka Express DDR4 Tester from CST is now also available as version with 2.400 Mhz for DIMM and SODIMM modules.


1996 – 2016: 20 years HT-Eurep

Thank you to all our customers and partners for your confidence, we look forward to our future cooperation.


FlashRunner 2.0 – the new generation

The FlashRunner 2.0 systems provide up to 16 independent, parallel channels for in-system programming.


Taping system HT-TM1000 awarded “Best of 2016”.

The automatic taping system HT-TM1000 has been awarded “Best of 2016” at Industriepreis.


New eMMC S8 socket boards from System General available.

The new eMMC S8 socket boards from System General are the ideal solution for fast and easy duplication of eMMCs.


HT-EUREP extends product portfolio by AMTEC.PRO taping equipment.

We are happy to announce that AMTEC.PRO taping equipment now extends our product portfolio – tape & reel machines, tape & reel systems and peel tester.


FADOS systems rewarded at the Industriepreis 2015.

FADOS test systems convinced the jury at Industriepreis 2015 and were rewarded with 3rd position.


SMH presents FlashRunner PXI A3.

FlashRunner PXI A3 is the latest product innovation by SMH, offering the proven FlashRunner technology as PXI module.


CST announces Eureka Express DDR4 tester.

CST Inc. announced the availability of its new Eureka Express DDR4 tester for Long DIMM memory modules.


V-TEK Completes Acquisition of Royce Instruments.

Royce Instruments, CA, is specialised in die sorter and bond tester. Blending the two successful businesses offers a future filled with new opportunities brought about by synergies of product scope, engineering talent, and skilled personnel.


V-TEK announces automatic taping machine TM-400.

The TM-400 series offers a simple and compact automated taping system.


SYSTEM GENERAL announces availability of the new automated programming system AP710.

The automated programming system AP710 is the stringent advancement of the established AP700 and especially designed for handling ultra-small devices.


V-TEK presents the high-speed taping machine Hawk.

The Hawk taping machine is a turret-based high-speed automated taping machine with up to 22k UPH.


ProT Ar-Ge offers another model FADOS7F1 with 24V.

FADOS7F1 test system is now available as model with 24V.


HT-Eurep takes on responsibility for sales and technical support of all products of ProT Ar-Ge Industrial Project Design R&D Ltd. Co. in Europe.

FADOS test systems are easy to use diagnosis tools for troubleshooting printed circuit boards.


SYSTEM GENERAL announces availability of new quad-site automated programming systems AP720 and AP760.

The automated programming systems AP720 and AP760 represent a new generation of programming speed and throughput. 

SYSTEM GENERAL presents eMMC support by newly available eMMC-S8 socket board.

The eMMC-S8 socket board can be used on all available manual programmers and automated programming systems. 


New partner for northern Germany

Starting 1.4.2012 HT-Eurep clients and prospects have a new contact person for postal code areas 2XXXX, 30XXX – 32XXX, 38XXX und 49XXX. Juergen Zwing from Handelsvertretung Zwing will support you on V-TEK, System General and Huntron products.


V-TEK Inc. presents new peel force tester PT-55.

The PT-55 offers a number of significant improvements with regards to performance, reliability and usability. Along with PT-55 availability the PT-45 is discontinued.


New bench top automated programming system AP900 with tape-out

System General and HT-Eurep GmbH present the bench top automated programming system AP900 which offers, as first bench top system worldwide, a tape-out module. Thus the AP900 offers I/O media tray, tube and tape.


HT-Eurep starts distribution and technical support for Huntron Instruments products in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Pioneering analog signature analysis, Huntron offers manual and automated systems for troubleshooting printed circuit boards. 


System General announces availability of universal programmers T9800 and H9800.

The new universal programmers T/H9800 offer the same device support as the existing system 9600. In addition it supports Nand flash devices by N4 socket boards.


CST Inc. announced SP3000-DDR3 1333Mhz SODIMM tester.

The memory tester can test the new PC3-10666 (DDR3-1333Mhz), PC3-8500 (DDR3-1066Mhz), and PC3-6400 (DDR3-800Mhz) memory modules. CST Inc. is thus the first company in the industry offering a low-cost real-time testing solution for the new DDR3 204-pin 1333Mhz standard memory modules.


CST Inc. presents SP3000-DDR2 CHIP POGO PIN testers.

This system can test BGA DDR2 devices without solder balls using only one universal socket. 


CST Inc. announces new SP3000-DDR2 1066Mhz DIMM tester.

The memory tester can test the new PC2-8500 (DDR2-1066), PC2-6400 (DDR2-800), PC2-5300 (DDR2-667), and PC2-4300 (DDR2-533) memory modules. CST Inc. thus is the first company in the industry offering a low-cost real-time testing solution for the new DDR2 240-pin 1066Mhz standard memory modules.


V-Tek now offers optional vision system for TM-50 taping machine.

The vision system is used for mark and pin 1 orientation verification.


V-TEK announces Versacount II+ for third quarter.

Following improvements are realized compared to Versacount II: easier operation, encoder with higher resolution, empty pocket detection for black tapes starting at 4mm and for transparent tapes starting at 8mm, new AC motor and further improved throughput. 


System General announces full support for Altera Stratix II FPGAs inclusive AES (advanced encryption standard) key for design security.


HT-Eurep takes over responsibility for sales and technical support of System General products in Germany. 

System General is one of the world leaders for high quality manual and automated programming systems. The company is headquartered in Taipei, Tawain with subsidiaries in USA and China. They acquired ISO 9001 certification in 1997.


CST Inc. announces new SP3000-DDR2 800Mhz DIMM tester.

The memory tester can test PC2-6400 (DDR2-800), PC2-5300 (DDR2-667), PC2-4300 (DDR2-533) and PC2-3200 (DDR2-400) memory modules. CST Inc. thus is the first company in the industry offering a low-cost real-time testing solution for the new DDR2 240-pin 800Mhz standard memory modules.