• System for automated inspection of taped devices from top and bottom in transparent carrier tapes (tape & reel)
  • Two high resolution CCD cameras
  •  Functions:
    • Mark inspection
    • Orientation control
    • Counter
    • Empty pockets
    • Sealing quality
    • Damaged devices
    • Lead Inspection
  • Up to 50.000 UPH
  • For tape widths 8-44mm
  • Vision repeatability accuracy 30um

further information

SG-RIT05 is the new generation automated reel to reel system for analyzing variety IC devices or components after taping. With twin high performance CCDs technology, the system optimizes visual mark inspection, pin lead detection, sealing quality and more. Depending on the configuration to the package type, the throughout goes up to 50K UPH. Inspection of devices from bottom requires the use of transparent carrier tape.

Teaching of inspection criteria is done via an easy to use user interface.