• Universal Tape & Reel machine for taping various types of components as e.g. ICs, stamped parts, etc.
  • Dual stage fully adjustable heat and PSA sealer assembly
  • Independently controlled seal temperature for each side of the cover tape
  • Flat, open surface for easy placement of parts
  • Touchscreen terminal for easy usage and taping parameter settings
  • Touchscreen terminal operates also as a three color signal display
  • Software allows automated leader/trailer as well as saving and selecting jobs
  • Counter for entering number of components to be taped
  • Empty pocket detection as well as mechanisms for early warning of low carrier tape, low cover tape and tape advance
  • Possibility to choose between continuous or step weld mode
  • Available for tape width 8-72mm (single sprocket drive) or 8-200mm (dual sprocket drive)
  • Easy changeover for different tape widths
  • Adjustable tape advance speed and pitch (1 mm – 99 mm)
  • Available in different configurations
  • Optional: Sensor for device over-level detection
  • Optional: Vision System to ensure correct placement of components

further information

Any kind of component can be easily taped with AMTEC.PRO’s taping machine. It allows selection and adaptation of various taping parameters which are required for high quality taping. Flexible, easy to use touchscreen terminal and leading electronic characteristics combined with fast change over for different tapes make it the optimal fit for your taping needs.

The taping machine offers manual insertion of the components with automated Leader and Trailer cycle. Flat surface leveled with the carrier tape makes the work ergonomic for the operator. Parts can be placed into the carrier tape from both sides. Part presence sensor checks for empty pockets during fill-in procedure; it also checks for filled pockets while creating leader and trailer. Operated by a footswitch. Touch screen terminal with piece counter, working mode and heater temperature data. Operates also as a three color signal display. The machine is available in various configurations.

further pictures

Sealing unit:

20141009-DSC_7591-2-Edit  20141009-DSC_7589-2-Editamtec_pro (5)

Part Presence Sensor:


Fill-in area: