Our FlexCell MTM taping systems are designed for automatic tape & reel packaging of diverse components – from tray, tube, bowl feeder or also from tape for re-taping. The layout of the system not only allows the automatic packaging of components, but also the use of the system as manual taping machine for smaller quantities. FlexCell MTM taping systems have e.g. following features:

  • Tray, tube, bowl or/and tape input options
  • Innovative pick & place handling system
  • Handles different tape widths, depending upon requirements
  • Possibility to rotate parts by +/-90 or 180 degree
  • 3D vision inspection, 2D vision inspection, testing, mark inspection, orientation
  • Empty pocket detection as well as mechanisms for early warning of low carrier tape, low cover tape and tape advance
  • Touch screen operator interface
  • Universal adjustable heat and PSA sealer
  • Flexibly adjustable sealing parameters
  • Warning in case of high/low temperature
  • Automatic leader/trailer
  • Reject to tray or bulk of bin sort
  • Easy settings and comfortable usage

AMTEC.PRO’s engineers have many years of experience in designing and producing tape & reel systems. Their combination of experience and flexibility enables them to realise also specific requirements at a very good price-performance-ratio.

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Our FlexCell MTM taping systems can flexibly be configured to meet your specific requirements: material input from tray, tape, tube or bowl feeder, visual control units, test units, etc..
The integrated Taping Machine allows also manual insertion of components with ease and simplicity, e.g. if for small quantities the acquisition of a dedicated input unit is not economic, or the taped devices need to be available immediately. The work surface level at ergonomic height is suitable for stand up work or high chair use.
The vacuum nozzle can be changed easily when different devices shall be handled. 
Complete control of the taping system is done through SCADA user interface on an 15″ touch screen. Working parameters are stored under job files in order to retrieve it when needed. Additional communication with ERP systems is available.
Further information on the integrated Taping Machine is also available here: Taping Machine.

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