• The first PXI module in the world for flash programming
  • Based on FlashRunner technology, the fast and reliable programming system for Flash-based microcontroller and serial memories
  • With FlashRunner PXI you can integrate the In-System-Programming (ISP) function in your PXI system
  • Flashrunner PXI is mounted in only one PXI slot
  • CompactPCI 2.0 compliant, PXI fully compatible
  • 3 fully parallel programming channels; for each channel:
    • 5 digital I/O lines
    • 2 digital I/O lines or analog output lines
    • 2 programmable output voltages
    • 1 programmable clock output
  • SUB-D 50 pins standard connector
  • DLL, LabVIEW library and examples for fast and easy software integration
  • The communication is implemented using the FlashRunner ASCII-based commands
  • Binaries, Algorithms, Scripts and Log files are stored on SD cards

further information

In production environments, ATE (automatic test equipment) are often based on PXI standard. The modularity  of this system guarantees maximum flexibility.

SMH Technologies, world leader in in-System Programming, offers the first universal ISP gang programmer based on PXI communication.

A customer application can e.g. be programmed in one step via 3 different interfaces:

1. TMS320F28026DAS through UART interface
2. ATXMEGA64A3 through JTAG interface
3. PIC18F46K22 through ICSP interface

This solution minimizes the investment and the time development cost. The true parallel programming reduces the entire production time and the result fully satisfies the customer requirements.

Further FRPXIA3 features:

  • Fast programming algorithms developed to reach the memory technology speed limit of the target device
  • Supports most ISP protocols (BDM, JTAG, SPI, I2C, MON, ICC, SCI, etc.)
  • Flexible, fully configurable
  • Designed for performance and reliability

further pictures

Flashrunner PXI is mounted in only one PXI slot (example):