FR CAN-BUS-MODULE is a device for FlashRunner classic series usable for flashing microcontrollers which are provided with CAN bootloading capability. FR CAN-BUS-MODULE is targeted at production environments for automotive or industrial manufacturing applications. FR CAN-BUS-MODULE is directly controlled by FlashRunner, inheriting host or stand-alone operating modes.


  • Fastest programming algorithm (as fast as target devices memory technology limit)
  • Easy FlashRunner classic integration
  • Standard CAN interface (high speed 1MBitps – low speed 125KBps)
  • FlashRunner Serial interface at maximum allowed communication speed
  • Compact and robust design for production environments
  • Self powered through FlashRunner ISP line or externally powered

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Hardware Features:
FR CAN-BUS-MODULE features state-of-the-art electronics and provides you with high integration flexibility in a small footprint. Its open architecture makes its firmware easily upgradable to support both new devices and new features.

  • 7 – 24V DC external power input supply
  • FlashRunner External power supply (through ISP VPROG)
  • Target board power supply (through ISP VPROG)
  • CAN transceiver output select for target board
  • CAN high speed (1Mbps)
  • CAN Extended address mode
  • Additional CAN BUS transceiver, selectively activated for target boards not provided with own transceiver

Software Features:
FR CAN-BUS-MODULE is set up and controlled via ASCII commands through FlashRunner programmer. CAN BUS protocol layers are implemented in FR CAN-BUS-MODULE and all commands to/from target boards over FlashRunner are executed in two ways:

  • Over RS232/LAN (Host mode)
    Via a script stored in SD card of the attached FlashRunner

In the first case, FlashRunner and its connected FR CAN-BUS-MODULE are controlled by a host system; in the latter case, FlashRunner works in stand alone mode and is fully autonomous.

FR CAN-BUS-MODULE is usable with device specific programming algorithms and scripts which runs on FlashRunner classic platform.