• Supports eMMC spec. versions: v4.3, v4.4, v4.41, v4.5, v5.0, v5.01
  • Supports Smart Mode, Partition Mode, Clone Mode and Image Mode
  • Supports Chip Erase and Quick Erase
  • Supports 3.3V, 1.8V & 1.2V eMMC devices
  • Supports System General eMMC Image Builder
  • Windows software interface and available “Job Control” functions
  • Real-time statistics displays
  • Friendly user interface
  • Image file download speed up to 37MB/s through USB 3.0 interface
  • Allows being chained up to 20 programmer sites via USB ports for manual operations; automated operations available on System General Handlers
  • Gang-programs up to 8 eMMC devices on each programmer site
  • Socket cards hot-swappable for different package types without re-starting the programming system
  • High-speed Slave duplications through the Master eMMC or download Image File from PC to Master memory board (V3) for programming

further information

The eMMC S8 socket board is specifically designed for fast Duplicate / Programming eMMC devices. It can be used on the manual programmers T9200+, T9800, and the automatic programming systems AP710, AP700, AP720, AP760 and AP900. It is thus not a pure eMMC duplicator but a universal solution which can be used for other component technologies. With a programming rate of up to 36MByte per second an amazing UPH is achieved even if big 32GByte components in use. By simply changing the socket cards it can be configured for different device packages, without having to restart the programming system. Each eMMC S8 has eight programming sockets and a socket for the master component. For automatic programming thus are 4×8 or 9×8 programming socket is available. So that the system is in a position to be able to program 32 or 72 eMMC devices simultaneously.