• Universal IC device programmer for microcontroller, memory and logic devices (NAND, NOR, EPROM, EEPROM, eMMC, CPLD, CMOS PLD, FPGA, anti-fuse and other customized devices)
  • Programming with up to 8 sites per programmer
  • eMMC programming by high-speed slave duplication using a Master Device
  • Networked operation
  • Friendly user interface
  • It can be operated by connecting a PC/Laptop or stand-alone
  • Auto-start programming
  • Programming speed as high as the device permits
  • Flexible high speed USB interface
  • Advanced pin driver technology provides stable signal and power supply
  • Keypad, LCD display and status LEDs
  • SD card reader/writer
  • Programming management software with statistical functions, remote supervisor monitoring via network, image builder and much more
  • Support customized ISP program

further information

The SG8000 universal IC device programmer is a true universal programmer and supports all currently existing programmable device technologies EPROM, EEPROM, FLASH, NAND- and NOR-Flash, CPLD, CMOS PLD, FPGA, eMMC, microcontrollers, anti-fuse and other customized devices. Devices are programmed at maximum possible speeds that the devices permit. SG8000 is capable of reading and writing to devices at speeds greater than 50 MBytes/second. The programmer can be equipped with any choice of 1 to 8 sockets, to optimally reflect your throughput needs from engineering tests through to mass production. Besides a comprehensive device list there are also respective benchmark values available.

Comprehensive user software:

The PUI software contains task management software to create and save pre-defined programming jobs (tasks), task version control and password protection (administrator and operator mode). The software offers any possibilities and information to configure and save tasks including serialization and comprehensive statistics administration. An Image Builder software is also provided including ECC and bad block management. Remote supervisor monitoring is possible via network. Created tasks can be used in the automated system SG5000 as well as in other manual models SG8000. Also available is a broad portfolio of application specific software including Data Mapper, Version Control (for traceability and configuration management), Serial Number Server, Remote Monitor and multiple bad block schemes for NAND devices.

And as with any System General equipment, you receive maximum flexibility at minimum cost:
Most current programming algorithms are provided free of charge for download about every six weeks. New algorithm development is free of charge. True universal programmer. Socket boards can be used on manual programmers as well as on automated systems.

further pictures

SG8000 (without boards):

SG8000 with Bottom Board:

SG8000 with Bottom Board equipped with 8 Top Boards:

SG8000 with single socket board:

SG8000 with eMMC Bottom Board (for 1 master and up to 8 slaves):