• Supports UFS spec. versions: v2.0, v2.1, v3.0 and v3.1
  • UFS high-speed Gear 1 Rate A ~ HS-Gear 3 Rate B
  • UFS Descriptors, Attributes, Flags configuration
  • UFS Logical Units read, write and format Operation
  • UFS Wipe Operation
  • UFS device part number and capacity identification
  • Comply with UFS 3.2 Gen 1 specification
  • Iverta A1: simple and standalone USB stick for small quantities, e.g. during development
  • Iverta A4: socket board for gang programming of up to 4 UFS devices on each programmer site
  • With all Iverta variants compatible System General UFS Writer Software to convert the customized Image Files
  • Provides real time statistics displays and session log reports
  • High Speed performance up to Read: 428 MB/s and Write: 254 MB/s

further information

Universal Flash Storage, also known as UFS (JEDEC Standard), is one of the answers to the current trends in the field of storage devices: ever larger storage areas, ever shorter access times and minimal energy consumption. System General Ltd. Taiwan, a leading provider of innovative solutions for IC device programming, offers a new solution for programming UFS devices: System General Iverta.

System General Iverta is available in three different variants:

  1. as USB stick for easy plugging into the USB 3 interface of a PC. This variant is suitable e.g. for development projects with small quantities.
  2. as an autonomous socket board, which can be operated without a universal programmer, just by connecting it to a PC. This variant is an economical alternative for smaller quantities, since only the autonomous socket board must be purchased. A special programmer hardware is not required.
  3. as a socket board for use on System General T/H9800 universal programmers. This variant is intended for all who want to program UFS devices in larger quantities. Depending on the required throughput, each socket board can be equipped with one to four sockets. In combination with System General’s manual or fully automatic programming systems, medium to very high quantities can be programmed efficiently.

Regardless of which variant you choose, you always receive the same technical advantages (see “Features”). The associated System General UFS Writer software is compatible with all three variants. For example, a task created during development for the USB stick can later be used with the socket board.

further pictures

Iverta A4 socket board: